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Laser plastic welding

The SONIMAT welding laser solution, LSW, uses a laser beam carried by fiber to the optical processing. The optical processing produces a spot to weld plastic parts without any contact.


Advantages of SONIMAT's laser plastic welding solution :

  • Reliability
  • Resistance
  • Availability
  • Compact generators and miniaturized head


miniaturized optical head - laser welding

100W laser diode - laser welding
Miniaturized optical head 100W Laser Diode


Optical fiber diameter Focal distance 
Spot size Available standard power Generato
100 µm 138 mm 1.3mm 100W LSW 100
200 µm 138 mm 2.6 mm
200W LSW 200
100 µm 238 mm 2.3 mm 100W LSW 100
200 µm 238 mm 4.6 mm 200W LSW 200


Others optical combinations allow laser with lower density, on request. 


Download.jpg Download our technical brochure to learn more about our laser plastic welding solution and characteristics.



Laser plastic welding

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