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Plastic Welding

SONIMAT provides plastic assembly and plastic welding solutions and expertise to support its customers when it comes to plastic welding. Thermoplactic products are widely used in various industries and SONIMAT  expertise is recognized and used for: plastic assembly solutions such as riveting, insertions, plastic welding ,triming,...


Sonimat was the first company in the world to choose digital technology and control for his generators in order to better monitor the plastic welding process and to obtain an optimized welding quality. It enables to better control all movements and to ensure that the amplitude of the ultrasonic plastic welding device will remain the same.


Today, thanks to our experience , we can propose various innovative and performing solutions: Spot welding , continuous welding, heading, riveting, edging, inserting ... by using ultrasonic devices, infrared, spin welding and  hot plates.


We can propose the best assembling solution for your plastic welding projects.







Infrared machine

SV4- digitized ultrasonic welder

Multi blades

You will find in our Download section some brochures regarding our solutions:
  • HPW (Hot Plate and infrared Welding)
  • ESW (Digital Press for ultrasonic welding)
  • RSW (Spin welding solution)

Discover these 3 solutions in the video below : welding OCALIOTM material (from SOLVAY).





Some examples of products:


 exemple1.jpg  exemple2.jpg  exemple4.jpg  exemple5.jpg  exemple6.jpg  exemple7.jpg
 exemple8.jpg  exemple9.jpg  exemple10.jpg  exemple11.jpg  exemple13.jpg  exmple3.jpg

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