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As a « cross-sectional » field of endeavor, packaging affords an indispensable means of protecting and securing everyday consumer goods. Distinctly more efficient and profitable than thermal processes, ultrasonic sealing has become a reference. Either continuously or « on the spot », Sonimat offers a wide variety of solutions addressed to impermeability, safety, and hygiene requirements.


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SONICELL Technology ensures stronger hermetic sealing and 100% quality control. This ultrasonic sealing process fits into horizontal and vertical packaging machines and is intented for food industry, cosmetic, medical and all flexible pouches.

With SONICELL Inside, you benefit from a high performing sealing system, competitive and compliant for both continuous and intermittent machines

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Some example of products

 produit_emballage1.jpg   produit_emballage2.jpg   produit_emballage3.jpg    produit_emballage4.jpg    


Some example of machines



packaging ultrasonic sealing.jpeg

 Patch bagging machine

Ultrasonic welding process for  cheese pouch packages


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