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In addition to assembly of different aircraft pieces, Sonimat is a precursor in the use of ultrasonic cutting, welding and machining applications of elements in composites.




In terms of composite, we offer ultrasonic cutting and welding solutions with portative equipments but also with our technology embedded in special-purpose machine or robot cells. Discover more in our download webpage by downloading our PDF 1, 9 and 10 of the Composite Cutting and Welding section.



thermoplastic local patches welding.jpg thermoplastic organosheets cutting.jpg
Thermoplastic local patches welding
ex : glass PA66 spot welding
Thermoplastic organosheets cutting
ex : 1mm glass PA66 50m/mn



Some example of products

 image02.gif   image03.gif        image05.gif       


Some examples of machines





 Composite welding machine

10-axis digitally operated machine + 7-head ultrasound  in the manufacture of « sandwich bands »


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