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Ultrasonic sealing - Packaging

Ultrasonic sealing for packaging


SONIMAT developped its first continuous ultrasonic sealing system in 1999 for the food packaging industry. When it comes to innovation, SONIMAT is on stage!

Our strategy is to provide cutting edge solutions in terms of reliability, quality, high technology and economical aspects. By developping strong partnerships with various packaging machine manufacturers, we are looking globaly  at your projects.



ULTRASONIC SEALING of flexible pouches with SONICELL Technology


SONICELL inside - ultrasonic sealing technology


100% reject-free despite contamination!

SONIMAT ultrasonic sealing systems are providing repeatability and low rejection percentages. Our ultrasonic sealing modules can ensure the integrity of a sealing despite sauces, pouder,  additives or contamination. To sum up, our ultrasonic sealing solutions are meeting up your expectations in regards to productivity, quality of the sealing, product appearance and marketing.




Applications are to be found in the food industry (grated cheese, sauces, pet food and many others) but can be used in various industries.

Ultrasonic Sealing systems are to be integrated on Doypack, Flowpack, Horizontal (HFFS) and Vertical (VFFS) machines.




SONIMAT developped two standards modules answering it customer needs:

  • High speed ultrasonic continuous sealing (up to 80m/min or 530 pouches/min)  -SONICELL C - patented
  • Intermittent ultrasonic sealing (up to 120 pouches/min)- SONICELL CC - patented



Download our PDF brochures for Continuous and Intermittent Ultrasonic Sealing.


Video - Ultrasonic sealing solution for grated cheese producers.



More video on our YouTube Channel.

Rigid packages


Inviolability (punnets, blister)


Invisible welding

Spot welding

Wetting cardboard onto plastic

Glue reactivation

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