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Composite cutting and welding

A true precursor on the composites market, Sonimat employs diversified ultrasound processes offering numerous advantages with regard to product forming and shaping: resin ensuring fiber cohesion; elimination of delaminating and the phenomena of peeling, scaling or flaking; elimination of thermal degradation, and markedly greater tool longevity.




Sonimat is likewise involved in the manufacture of numerous structural pieces, and the company puts forward solutions in relation to ultrasonic cutting, welding, trimming and machining. Whether they be portable or integrated on line, the solutions proposed by Sonimat are sure to enhance quality and productivity.



In terms of composite, we offer ultrasonic cutting and welding solutions with portative equipments but also with our technology embedded in special-purpose machines or robot cells. Discover more in our download webpage by downloading our PDF 1, 9 and 10 of the Composite Cutting and Welding section.


Cutting and trimming

Performed through ultrasonic processes, these operations offer perfect cutting precision (up to 60mm). High-frequency vibration of the sonotrode prevents any adherence and thereby reduces the needs for maintenance operations.

In accordance with the nature of the material, we will cut as much as 60 mm.


ultrasonic composite cutting portative system - SONIMAT.jpeg

ultrasonic composite cutting portative system


More videos on www.youtube.com/etsonimat


automated ultrasonic composite cutting honeycomb - SONIMAT.jpeg

Ultrasonic end-effector for automated composite cutting of honeycomb on a robot cell


Some examples of products :

Plywood panel (untreated) (4 mm)
Thick fabric (intreated) (0.5 mm)
PEI Carbon (0.4 mm)
PA glass fiber (2 mm)
PP panel (5 mm)
Aramide tissues (0.5 mm)

Honeycomb NOMEX-ALU up to 125mm with end-effectors


thermoplastic local patches welding.jpg thermoplastic organosheets cutting.jpg
Thermoplastic local patches welding
ex : glass PA66 spot welding
Thermoplastic organosheets cutting
ex : 1mm glass PA66 50m/mn



Welding by ultrasound is more precise. The energy sent to the product is controlled so as to avoid deteriorating fiber and resin quality.



Cutting and welding composite machine


Machining operations

Unlike those used in the usual machining centers, the tool developed by Sonimat adds a vertical movement to its rotation, thereby reducing the effects of cutting.

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