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Non-woven and woven textiles

As regards woven and non-woven textile, ultrasound may be presented as a Plan B or alternative solution for gluing, cutting, cauterizing, rolling, and laminating.

Whether for the woven (webbing, straps, bracelets, belts…) or for the non-woven (diapers, napkins, masks…), Sonimat proposes either on-the-spot or high-speed continuous solutions.



         Some advantages of the process :                 
  • Pinpoint assembly and welding
  • Impeccable cleanliness
  • No sticky products means optimal hygiene
  • Highly resistant, even with humid product







Form and welding for non-woven textile

products (bedspring chain device)

Non-woven rolling process


Some examples of manufactured products
 exmple03.gif  exmple05.gif  exmple06.gif  exmple07.gif





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