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Food processing

In the food processing field, SONIMAT develops its epertise in slicing and packaging technology.



Cheeses, biscuits, fruits, cakes… Ultrasonic slicing means perfect cutting for a wide variety of food products. Unlike other slicing technologies, ultrasound eliminates product loss and bolsters productivity.


Sonimat avails itself of a wide range of standard and upgradeable machines conducive to portions of all shapes and sizes, slices, cubes…  


download.pngDownload PDF file : Ultrasonic Slicing for food industry


Watch this video to see the slicing process on several cheeses.


More videos on our YouTube Channel here.









Slicing machine (slice, cube, stick)


Portions machines










High-volume slicer  Slicers head tilted

Accoustic blade



Some examples of sliced products


 fromage.gif  fromage02.gif foie_gras.gif  cake.gif  brownie.gif 

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