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Modules and standard ultrasonic procedures

On the strength of the wide range of its standard products, SONIMAT develops, replaces or integrates modules for your welding, sealing, slicing and assembly machines.

Our processes are integrated as replacements for less efficient or presently inappropriate thermal, mechanical or water jet systems. They optimize the productivity and overall quality of your product lines.

In close cooperation with numerous manufacturers of standard machines (OEM) in the fields of woven and non-woven textile, packaging, composite and plastics, SOMIMAT has also been developing modules dedicated to specific needs.


See a recent example with the integration of our Sonicell process into a vertical stick pack machine multi-lane from Schwarze Automation. Download the brochure 8_Sonicell-Schwarze.pdf.


Some examples of modules :

A module consists in standard material (generator, converter, sonotrode), in a mechanical armature with a function of electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic piloting, all of which correspond in turn to a specific function on a new or already existing machine.









Sealing packaging

module  (Sonicell C)

 Food slicing module








Welded non-woven textile module

Composite cauterized module

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