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Research & innovations



SONIMAT was the first company to provide fully digital generators and ultrasonic devices since 1999. SONIMAT devotes a sizable part of its turnover (over 10%) to fund its research and developments. Our general innovation capacity is one of SONIMAT key element to ensure a constant growth besides its recognized reactivity, quality and proactivity.




SONIMAT is involved in numerous programs in partenrship with worldwide companies, skilled integrators, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), competitiveness poles such as EMC2 (complex metal and composite groups), which is conducted by Airbus. This comitments allow SONIMAT teams to fully support customer projects, by providing reliable products, reactivity and creativity.


Patented continuous

sealing  module :  Sonicell C


A few examples of past and on-going developments :

  • Fully digital ultrasonic generators
  • Seam and continuous welding and cutting of non-woven products (diapers, masks, wipes, ...)
  • Food processing modules (Ultrasonic cutting)
  • Carbon fiber ultrasonic cutting on a robot arm or « Cartesian » movement
  • High-speed ultrasonic sealing of pouches (500 pouches/ minute). Patented process
  • Seam welding of long composite fibers. Patented process
  • Spin welding with electrical control of movements
  • Hot plate and infrared welding
  • New generation of food processing slicer  film en streaming



3D conception

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