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Key dates


  • Following 15 years of experience in the ultrasound sector, Luc Hachette creates SONIMAT.
  • A distribution agreement with an American company is signed.
  • The thermoplastics market generates the brunt of the activity.


  • 1st welding application on non-woven product.
  • Initial utilization of a slicer in food processing. 
  • Carbon cutting head on a robot arm and « Cartesian » movement.


  • In addition to distribution, SONIMAT focuses on manufacture of equipment integrating ultrasounds (machines and procedures).


  • SONIMAT develops its own digital generator. More communicative than its predecessors, it facilitates the functioning of machines and their utilization by the customer.
  • The range of products is transferred to the new generator (press, metal welding, and gun).


  • SONIMAT stakes out its position on the packaging market.
  • High-speed seam welding of Doypack-like stand-up pouches (500 pouches a minute).


  • Development and commercialization of a new, more competitive generator (Mono carte) facilitating market positioning in high-volume activity sectors.


  • International development, machine interfaces in English and Spanish.
  • Signature of a partnership contract with a Canadian company for food processing slicing equipment in the North American sector.
  • 1st continuous welding application in long composite fibers.
  • SONIMAT joins the Europe Technologies group.
  • Present at SONIMAT since 1994, Eric Violleau takes over as Head Manager.


  • SONIMAT increases its market share in all sectors.
  • Establishment of partnerships in Italy for textiles, and in France for non-woven products.
  • Accelerated developments in aeronautics (composites). Spin welding, hot plate or infrared on totally digital machines; new processes in thermoplastic welding are put on the market.


  • Market introduction of a new generation of slicers for use in the food processing field.

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