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Ultrasonic cutting and welding

Suppling worldwide ultrasonic devices


Recognized for its skills and professionalism, SONIMAT team designs all the components needed in the ultrasonic process: from generators to sonotrodes as well as converters and boosters. On a parallel track, SONIMAT has developed a wide range of ultrasonic presses, portable systems such as a ultrasonic welding handheld device, ultrasonic cutting portable devices, metal welders


sonotrodes.gif        « Standards ultrasound products»


       download.pngDownload our brochure about our Ultrasonic Toolings


Ultrasonic welding and ultrasonic cutting modules

In the fields of woven and non-woven textiles, packaging, composite (carbon fibers), plastic welding, food processing,  Sonimat concurrently develops dedicated modules in close cooperation with various original equipment manufacturers (OEM) like AIRBUS, in aerospace for instance. Drawing strength from its wide range of standard products, Sonimat develops, replaces and integrates modules to existing machines dedicated to food slicing, pouches sealing, plastic welding and assembling. So as to optimize the productivity and quality of production lines, Sonimat's processes are integrated as permanent substitutes to less efficient  thermal and mechanical systems.






            «Standards modules and processes ultrasonic »





Turnkey ultrasonic machines

SONIMAT is able to design and manufacture standard or specific ultrasonic machines: ultrasonic welding machines (X/Y welding table for example), food slicers, cutting machines… On customer request and for specific functions, Sonimat designs « turnkey » ultrasonic machines. Thanks to our skilled mechanical and electrical engineers, SONIMAT teams manage your project from A to Z.







   «Ultrasonic machines »





Other plastic welding machines (hot plate, infrared and spin welding)

In addition to SONIMAT core ultrasonic technology, we are able to provide large assembly solutions by  mastering various pastic welding technologies: hot plate, infrared and spin welding. Therefore, it enables SONIMAT to provide the best suitable solutions for your product and plastic welding "issue".







          « Other machines »


download.png Download our brochures for our RSW (Spin Welding),  HPW (Hot plate welding) in the download section.




Since the success of a project requires appropriately trained operatives, Sonimat offers general or specialized training modules. Refresher training modules may occasion a service contract.


Customer service

Repair service, phone assistance, remote control of the digital systems… Sonimat technicians ensure customer service for all material. So as to be able to rapidly and effectively intervene, Sonimat keeps an inventory of standard products available within 48h.


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