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Legal information

Editorial director :

27, ure Saint Exupéry
BP 31

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1, rue Chanoine de Villeneuve - 86100 Châtellerault

The www.sonimat-et.com web site (hereinafter “the Site”) is issued by Sonimat. Presentation and all data, included marks, logos and domain name, appearing on the Site http://www.sonimat-et.com/, are covered by laws in force about intellectual property, and belong to SONIMAT or make the object of using authorization.

It is completely prohibited to partially or fully copy, reproduce, modify, republish, load, denature, transmit or dispatch, in any manner and on any medium whatsoever, any data of the Site, without prior and written Sonimat authorization, except for strict press needs and subject to compliance with intellectual property rights and all other stipulated property rights. Single copy for private use is authorized for your personal, private and no commercial use, on your personal computer.

The following words must appear on any authorized copy of all or part of the content of the Site: "© Sonimat All Rights Reserved". Any authorized use of data from the Site must be done without distortion, modification or alteration.

Sonimat reserves the right to pursue any act of counterfeiting of intellectual property rights.

In accordance with the computer law and freedom of information of 6 January 1978, you have a right to access and rectify any personal information about you. To exercise this right, feel free to contact info@sonimat-et.com

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